Poor posture is a condition that plagues over 31 million Americans each year. If not taken seriously, there can be many adverse effects. Living with this condition can ruin a person’s life physically and mentally. While problematic, physical therapy is the leading way to improve your posture. For those seeking physical therapy in Annapolis MD, we at Aquafit Physical Therapy can help improve your posture.

Physical Therapy in Annapolis MD

Why Is Good Posture Important?

Good posture leads to strong emotional and physical well-being, while poor posture does the opposite. The uneven pressure on the spine, caused by poor posture, can cause muscle soreness, leading to pain that decreases your standard of living. Poor posture also plays a role in how others may perceive you. Someone with poor posture is seen as bored or unenthusiastic. At the same time, someone with good posture is seen as confident and relaxed.

Causes and Effects of Poor Posture

Typically, poor posture is a condition that develops over time due to these main factors:

  • Modern Habits: Working in front of a computer, looking down at a phone, or sitting watching television
  • Carrying Heavy Objects: Grocery bags, equipment, or a heavy purse
  • Unequal Muscle Tension: Holding a certain position for an extended period places unequal tension on certain muscles

Despite many believing they can fix their posture by standing up straight, that doesn’t work. Those who ignore it can be dealt with the following problems:

  • Neck and Back Pain
  • Respiratory Problems
  • Joint Degradation
  • Weak Spine and Back Muscles

How Can Physical Therapy in Annapolis MD Help?

Poor posture can be relieved by physical therapy and can provide a benefit in the following ways:

  • Strengthen Muscles: More stress is exerted on the muscles causing them to weaken over time, but exercises can help improve muscle strength.
  • Improve Spinal Strength: Uneven pressure is placed on the spine and can cause the spine to curve, but exercises can improve your spinal strength for back support.
  • Relieves Back Pain: The pain can be relieved through massages of the neck and back that allow you to perform other exercises more effectively.

AquaFit Physical Therapy in Annapolis MD

If you’re seeking physical therapy in Annapolis MD, our team can provide an exercise program to help improve your posture. Poor posture affects millions and is not something you need to live with, as physical therapy can help! So if you’re seeking physical therapy in Annapolis MD, Aquafit Physical Therapy can help you regain your proper posture and enjoy life again!