Here at Aquafit Physical Therapy, we offer McKenzie spine care to our patients. A well-known physiotherapist from New Zealand, Robin McKenzie, has developed a diagnostic and treatment method of spine care. The skilled therapists at Aquafit Physical Therapy have extensive experience and training in this method. Treatment is based on symptom response to movement to centralize and eliminate pain. This patient-centered approach combines exercise, stretching, and manipulation as indicated. This treatment method aims to teach patients suffering from pain how to manage their own pain using exercises and other strategies. Other goals of the McKenzie Method include:

  • A safe return to normal functioning in everyday activities. 
  • Reduced pain. 
  • Minimization of recurring pain by avoiding painful movements and postures. 
  • Minimization of the number of treatment visits needed. 

The McKenzie Method is a globally recognized treatment for neck, back, and extremity disorders. To discover if the McKenzie Method is right for you, contact our team at Aquafit Physical Therapy.