At Aquafit Physical Therapy, we approach the restoration of function from several different perspectives. One of the treatment modalities we offer is manual therapy. Manual therapy is the practice of utilizing skilled, hands-on techniques like mobilization to:

  • Treat joints and soft tissues to reduce pain. 
  • Increase range of motion. 
  • Decrease myofascial restrictions. 
  • Assist in muscle or soft tissue repair.
  • Facilitate movement to improve function. 

Not every physical therapist performs manual therapy treatments on patients, but our skilled and dedicated staff work with patients to develop the most effective multifaceted treatment plans. Here are some of the mobilization techniques used at Aquafit Physical Therapy:

  • Joint (Peripheral, Spinal) – Glides, rolls, slides, longitudinal traction, McKenzie spine care. 
  • Soft Tissue Mobilization – Myofascial techniques and trigger point release.

If you are interested in learning more about manual therapy and how it can be incorporated into your treatment, contact us today!