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Aquatic therapy consists of doing exercises in the pool to treat and prevent conditions causing pain. Upper back pain is one condition that we address during physical therapy in Crofton, MD. Aquatic therapy exercises vary depending on the severity and location of the pain. At Aquafit Physical Therapy, we can show you exercises that strengthen your muscles and open up your joints, allowing for pain relief. Continue reading to learn some of the exercises we recommend for upper back pain. 

Pool Walking Exercise

Walking steps forward and then backward for five minutes at the beginning of physical therapy in Crofton, MD can help warm up your muscles. To make it more challenging, feel free to increase your speed. Walking also helps to increase mobility and flexibility of the spine, decreasing upper back pain.

Knee-To-Chest Exercise

The knee-to-chest exercise is one movement you can perform in the water to strengthen the back and reduce upper back pain. First, stand on one slightly bent leg. Outstretch the other leg in front of you while holding onto the side of the pool with one hand. Bend your outstretched leg into your chest and hold it with your other hand. Release the leg after five seconds and repeat three times on each side.

Wall-Facing Leg Stretch

The next stretching exercise is the wall-facing leg stretch. Place both hands on the side of the pool and outstretch both of your legs and body behind you. This stretch extends the joints and stretches muscles in the back.

Quadruped Exercise

One final exercise that you can try during physical therapy in Crofton, MD is the quadruped exercise. This exercise consists of floating on your back while making paddling motions with your arms and legs. The quadruped exercise helps to strengthen the back muscles. 

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Aquatic therapy is an efficient way to reduce upper back pain. Our specialists will teach you various exercises during physical therapy in Crofton, MD to strengthen muscles and open joints. At Aquafit Physical Therapy, our team will listen to your concerns and provide treatment. Contact us today if you need upper back pain relief.