Swimming is an activity many of us enjoy in the warm summer months. However, swimming can also be a joyful form of exercise and even physical therapy. Swimming exercises are a great type of low-impact exercise. This can help those who suffer from joint and back pain, osteoporosis, and fibromyalgia. It’s also good for pregnant women. Did you know that Aquatic exercise is a great cardio workout that can help increase your strength, endurance, and flexibility? At Aquafit Physical Therapy, we offer services in aquatic therapy. Contact us today if you’re looking for physical therapy in Severn, MD! 

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Pool Exercises For Arms

Aquatic therapy combines the therapeutic properties of water and techniques specialized training to improve function and mobility. When it comes to arm exercises, a few are effective. These are:

  • Arm toning with a ball: Keeping your feet apart and your hands in front of you, holding the ball in front of you and pushing it underwater. The ball will try to float, so this exercise requires force. Make sure to keep your back straight.
  • Arm lifts: Stand in the water, keep your body underwater except for your head, keep your feet apart, and your arms along your body. Then, try to lift your arms. The water will make this movement harder, requiring strength.
  • Arm rotations: In the same position as the arm lifts, lift your arms and rotate them slowly. Rotate your arms in one direction until you count the 20, then switch directions. 
  • Treading water: Treading works out all of your muscles, including your arms. It’s best to focus on keeping your head above the water and try floating for 3 minutes.
  • Weight Lifts: This requires dumbbells. Stand with your feet apart and your arms underwater. You can lift one or both arms. Just make sure your back is straight. You should lift to your chest, but you can lift above your head if you want to challenge yourself.

These are just a few examples of arm exercises that can be done in a pool. For more information, check here. If you’re having trouble getting started and looking for physical therapy in Severn, MD, check us for more information.

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