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Physical Therapy in Severn MD

Aquafit Physical Therapy was founded in 2009. We are located in the Piney Orchard Marketplace in Odenton. Aquafit Physical Therapy was founded by Charlie Black, PT, and Ralph Truitt, PT. Combined they have over 48 years of clinical experience; over 20 years in the Gambrills/Odenton area. Contact us today for Physical Therapy in Severn MD today!

Our clinic is a 3600 sq ft facility outfitted with a full complement of current physical therapy-related equipment. Four private treatment rooms and additional treatment tables create ample space for patient care. A therapeutically heated pool; over 450 sq ft, and its two changing rooms encompass nearly 1/3 of the clinic size. The combination of Aquatic Therapy with dry land treatments in the same facility allows for greater rehabilitation potential. The clinic location offers simple convenience in and out with amenities including Handicap parking directly in front of the clinic, a Handicap ramp, and an overhead canopy shielding patients during inclement weather days.

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    Will Orthotics Help Knee Pain?

    If you or someone you know has suffered or currently suffers from knee pain, the remedy of Orthotics should be strongly considered. It is one of the main services we provide at our physical therapy practice in Annapolis, MD. We believe that it is one of the most effective ways to aid with pain in the lower body. Contact AquaFit physical therapy in severn md, today to see how we can assist you!

    What are Orthotics?

    Physical Therapy in Severn MD

    Orthotics are external devices that help aid the healing process of foot injuries. They are most often used in correcting misalignments within the bone structure of the foot. When a person develops pain in the foot, it is almost always a result of alterations in their walking pattern, which in turn can cause significant issues in the foot. The orthotic helps return the foot to the neutral position and get it on the track to recovery more swiftly and efficiently. It can conform to all shapes and sizes of feet and is quite stiff to maintain the correct arch in the foot.

    Will Orthotics Help with Knee Pain?

    While they can help support the knee in recovery, Orthotics are best used as a preventative measure before the injury occurs. As described, the device restricts the foot to a specific position, which, in turn, keeps the knee in a more stable state. This stability makes injuries to the knee specifically more uncommon. Additionally, many Orthotic insoles tilt the leg slightly to reduce the overall load of weight on the knee. This solution can ease pain massively. In regards to Arthritis, how insoles can help are much more limited. However, in a more natural position, walking barefoot may be the best solution to solve the knee arthritis we have at the moment. 

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    Once again, if you feel that you could stand to gain from our services regarding Orthotics and knee pain, contact us today, and we will help you in any way we can. Our knowledgeable group of specialists will use our wealth of knowledge to provide you with one-of-a-kind services. Visit AquaFit physical therapy in severn md, today!

    What is Aquatic Therapy?

    Whether you suffer from chronic pain or sustained an injury that causes you pain and limited mobility, physical therapy can be beneficial for relieving your symptoms! Besides typical manual therapy, another excellent option for patients is Aquatic Therapy! If you are interested in Physical Therapy in Severn MD that offers Aquatic Therapy, contact AquaFit today!

    Physical Therapy in Severn MD

    What Is Aquatic Therapy?

    Aquatic Therapy is a form of Physical Therapy that is done in the water with little to no equipment necessary. During a session, a therapist will assist patients with water-based exercises to help patients feel better comfortably. This form of PT offers unique benefits that help patients live better every day. Here is a list of some of the fantastic benefits of Aquatic Therapy:

    • Avoids joint strain by relieving
    • Warm water soothes muscles
    • Water provides extra support
    • Water pressure promotes circulation and decreases swelling

    Water therapy can provide patients with relaxation, fitness, and rehabilitation all in one place! At Physical Therapy in Severn MD, our therapists care about you and your needs. We aim to provide each patient with effective treatment in a comfortable environment that is tailored to them. If traditional therapy is limiting your progress, discover all the benefits that Aquatic Therapy can offer you!

    Who Can Benefit From It?

    Because water is naturally buoyancy, exercises can be performed less stress on your joints, bones, and muscles. This makes Aquatic Therapy an excellent option for people who require low-impact exercises. People of all ages can benefit from Aquatic Therapy. Additionally, people who have underlying medical conditions can also benefit from this therapy. If you are living with any of the following conditions, Aquatic Therapy may be right for you:

    • Arthritis
    • Balance Disorders
    • Heart Disease
    • Neurological Conditions
    • Post-Operative Rehabilitation
    • Sports-Related Injuries

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    If you’re looking for a new and fun way to reduce pain, increase mobility, and strengthen your body, Aquatic Therapy is perfect for you! At AquaFit, our staff is thoroughly trained and experienced in Aquatic treatment methods and works with patients to provide individualized programs. To get started, contact Physical Therapy in Severn MD, today to schedule your first appointment!

    Is Walking In The Pool Good For Lower Back Pain?

    Aquatic therapy consists of doing exercises in water, which takes the pressure off your bones, joints, and muscles. Aquatic therapy helps people with physical conditions, like lower back pain, decrease pain, strengthen muscles, and improve range of motion. At AquaFit Physical Therapy, we offer aquatic therapy to our patients as a type of Physical Therapy in Severn MD. Our staff will work with you to provide an individualized treatment routine. Contact our office to make an appointment for aquatic therapy today!

     Walking in the Pool 

    Physical Therapy in Severn MD

    A simple exercise done during Physical Therapy in Severn MD is water walking. Water walking consists of walking across the pool while swinging your arms like you do when walking on land in water that’s about waist-high. It is recommended to avoid stepping on your tiptoes and to keep your back straight. Tightening your abdominal muscles can help to avoid leaning too far forward or to the side. If you want to take it up a notch and increase resistance, wear hand floats or light weights as your hands and arms move through the water. Water shoes can also be worn to help maintain traction on the bottom of the pool.

     Benefits of Water Walking

    Walking in the pool is a good remedy for lower back pain. It can help to reduce pain because the following benefits occur:

    • Strengthened muscles in the feet, legs, hips, and torso
    • Nourished spinal structures
    • Improved flexibility and posture
    • Increased bone density
    • Controlled weight

     Other Pool Exercises 

    Some other aquatic exercises that can be done during Physical Therapy in Severn MD to decrease lower back pain include:

    •  Knee-to-chest exercise- Raise one bent knee towards your chest with your supporting leg slightly bent.
    • Leg raise exercise- Outstretch one leg and slightly bend the supporting leg.
    • Wall-facing leg stretch exercise- Hold onto the side of the pool while outstretching your legs and body.
    • Quadruped activity and exercise- Float on your back while making paddling motions.

     Contact Physical Therapy in Severn MD 

    If you are suffering from lower back pain, Physical Therapy in Severn MD might be able to help. At AquaFit Physical Therapy, we can relieve your pain using aquatic exercises. Contact our office to make an appointment for aquatic therapy today!

    Lower Body Aquatic Exercises

    Have you experienced aquatic exercises before? It is a low-impact activity that takes place in the water and can strengthen your muscles and provide many health benefits. This is a great physical activity for both those that love water or those that don’t know how to swim and elderlies as well. It can be done on your own or as a form of physical therapy. If you are looking for Physical Therapy in Severn MD, then AquaFit PT is here to provide you with the wide variety of services you need!

    Aquatic exercises can be beneficial for those who experienced or are impacted by but are not limited to:

    • Chronic pain
    • Back/ joint pain
    • Sports injury
    • Heart disease
    • Arthritis 

    Benefits Of Aquatic Exercises

    • Great for all ages
    • Warm water relaxes and soothes the muscles
    • No previous experience in fitness needed
    • Relieves stress
    • Water provides resistance to build and strengthen muscles
    • No other equipment is needed

    Lower Body Aquatic Exercises 

    • Knee kick – Start with placing your feet shoulder-width apart. Gently bring one knee up to your chest, not too high up and straighten it forward and bend your knee. Lastly, bring your foot back down to the floor. Do this for both legs and you can do it with repetitions and sets that you’re instructed to do or comfortable with.
    • Heel Lifts – Stand close to the walls of the pool and place your hands on the edge of the pool to keep yourself balanced. Stand straight and raise yourself onto your toes and then slowly lower your heels back down.
    • Hip abduction – Stand facing the walls of the pool and place your hands on the edge of the pool to keep yourself balanced. Lift a leg up to the side as high as you can and then bring it back down. Repeat on your other leg.
    • Hamstring curls – Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold onto the edge of the pool to keep your balance. Lift your leg to your butt while keeping your legs parallel and then bring it back down. Repeat on both legs.

    Contact Aquafit Physical Therapy in Severn MD

    If you find it difficult to start, AquaFit PT is here to help you. We provide Physical Therapy in Severn MD and will be more than happy to help. Reach out to us at AquaFit PT wellness center to get the best professional treatment for strength with our friendly expertise staff today!

    Benefits of Orthotics For Knee Pain

    At Aquafit Physical Therapy, physical therapy in Severn MD, we offer various types of therapy for all areas of the body. One of the main remedies we offer for specific things like knee injuries would be our use of orthotics.

    What Causes Knee Pain?

    Knee pain can be caused by injuries, specific medical conditions like arthritis, and other mechanical problems. 

    Specific Types of Knee Injuries 

    Some types of knee injuries include but are not limited to:

    • ACL Injury – A tear in one of the four ligaments that connect the shin to the thigh. This is common in young athletes, specifically basketball and soccer.
    • Fracture – The bone in the kneecap or the “patella” can be broken from falls or other related injuries. 
    • Torn Meniscus – The meniscus is the cartilage that acts as an absorber between your shin and thigh. Bearing weight on it or suddenly jolting this can cause torn meniscus.
    • Knee Bursitis – Inflammation of the Bursae is the small sacs of fluid that separate the tendons and ligaments.

    How To Prevent Knee Injury

    Knee injuries are most prominent and consistent with people who are overweight. Excess weight constantly being added to the knees can be very damaging in the long run. Keeping weight off, exercising, and eating right are the underlining techniques to keeping your knees in check. However, if your knee condition requires a much more specific treatment, here at our physical therapy in Severn MD, we’ve got you covered!  

    Orthotics For Knee Pain – Physical Therapy in Severn MD

    Orthotics are cushions that people put in their shoes to alleviate discomfort. While orthotics are not usually associated with knee issues, they provide a link between the foot and the knee, which can have tremendous benefits. Everything about your feet, the way you walk, your foot’s positioning, and how much pressure you put on them all fundamentally affects your knees. At our physical therapy in Severn MD, we supply the best orthotics for our patients struggling with these issues, and the results speak for themselves. 

    Our orthotics supply the patient with:

    • Superior comfort
    • Improved balance
    • Shock Absorption
    • Improved athletic performance

    Contact Aquafit The Best Physical Therapy in Severn Maryland

    If you or someone you know is struggling with knee pain or any other foot or leg-related injuries, please visit our website at AquaFit PT or call to schedule an appointment at 410 672 6077. Contact our physical therapists in severn today to learn more about how we can help evaluate your illness or injury!