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Aquafit Physical Therapy was founded in 2009. We are located in the Piney Orchard Marketplace in Odenton. Aquafit Physical Therapy was founded by Charlie Black, PT and Ralph Truitt, PT. Combined they have over 48 years of clinical experience; over 20 years in the Gambrills/Odenton area. Contact us for Manual Therapy in Fort Meade MD today!

Our clinic is a 3600 sq ft facility outfitted with a full complement of current physical therapy-related equipment. Four private treatment rooms and additional treatment tables create ample space for patient care. A therapeutically heated pool; over 450 sq ft, and its two changing rooms encompass nearly 1/3 of the clinic size. The combination of Aquatic Therapy with dry land treatments in the same facility allows for greater rehabilitation potential. The clinic location offers simple convenience in and out with amenities including Handicap parking directly in front of the clinic, a Handicap ramp and an overhead canopy shielding patients during inclement weather days.

The Benefits Of Aqua Therapy

Aqua Therapy is another form of physical therapy. Aquafit Physical Therapy provides a low-impact form of physical therapy for all ages. This type of therapy is a relaxing way to heal and strengthen your muscles. If you require a program, Manual Therapy in Fort Meade MD has the options for you.

Manual Therapy in Fort Meade MD

What is Aquatic Therapy?

Aquatic Therapy is an exercise program that is performed in the water. It creates comfort while exercising, decreases swelling, and is accessible to the joints. Physical therapy in water builds strength throughout the body to build up for on-land physical therapy. It is an excellent way for older people to get the help they need without causing more stress on the joints. 

What Does Aquatic Therapy Treat?

Aquatic Therapy will help treat several conditions. Depending on the severity of your condition will determine the extent and incensement of the therapy session. Here are some problems that aquatic therapy can help with:

  • Knee Recovery.
  • Broken Ankles.
  • Shin Splints.
  • Fractured Bones.
  • Back Pain.
  • Muscle Healing.

The Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Therapy provides the same efficient physical therapy as on-land physical therapy. The buoyancy of the water supports the weight of each patient. It reduces the amount of weight and pressure on each joint. The resistance of the water also strengthens and heals muscles. The pressure of the water also promotes the circulation of blood in the body. For more information about the benefits of aquatic therapy, click here.

What We Provide

Here at Aquafit, we provide aquatic therapy programs for our patients. Our staff is thoroughly trained and experienced in aqua treatment. We will work with you to create a plan that is safe and works best with your recovery journey at Manual Therapy in Fort Meade MD. 

What to Bring to Aquafit Manual Therapy in Fort Meade MD

Here is what you will need to bring to the aquatic therapy session.

  • Towel.
  • Water Shoes.
  • Bathing Suit.
  • Swim Cap (optional)
  • Ear Plugs (optional)
  • Nose Plug (optional)

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If you are looking for physical therapy treatment, Aquafit may be the answer for you. We will work with you to heal you through the recovery process. Contact our office for more information about aquatic therapy. Visit Aquafit Manual Therapy in Fort Meade MD, today!

What Is Aqua Therapy Used For?

Aquatic therapy, also known as pool therapy, is an exercise program performed in water to help treat certain medical conditions and aid the recovery of injuries. If you’re looking for physical therapy in Millersville, MD, look no further than Aquafit PT

Manual Therapy in Fort Meade MD

What is Aquatic Therapy?

Aquatic Therapy sessions use the physical properties of water to aid in the patient’s healing process. Aquatic therapy can be done standing up or sitting on a chair in the water and may involve the entire body or specific parts. 

Water provides buoyancy which helps support the weight of a patient. The patient can then complete an exercise routine guided by a physical therapist that they might not be able to perform otherwise. Manual Therapy in Fort Meade MD, at Aquafit PT, offers this excellent service. The water also provides a manageable source of resistance. Being able to push, pull, and move around in the water allows for building muscle strength in a patient without weights. Resistance partnered with the water’s buoyancy works ideally to strengthen one’s muscles while allowing minimal stress on the joints. 

Benefits of Manual Therapy in Fort Meade MD

Participation in aquatic therapy can result in the following benefits:

  • Increased joint flexibility
  • Decrease in pain
  • Improved balance
  • Increase in muscle strength


It is important to note that aquatic therapy is not the proper physical therapy, for everyone. People who have the cardiac disease should not participate in aquatic therapy. 

The water in the pool is typically kept heated between 92 and 94 degrees Fahrenheit, so participation from people with temperature sensitivities or anyone sick or with a fever is not advised. Also, people with infections or bowel/bladder incontinence are not suitable for aquatic therapy. If you do not know how to swim, you should not participate in aquatic therapy. However, if you have some limited experience swimming, speak with your physical therapist about your lack of swimming skills beforehand to ensure they can provide you with proper assistance when in the water.

Aqua Fit Manual Therapy in Fort Meade MD

It can be difficult to find programs for Manual Therapy in Fort Meade MD that are the right fit for you. Our team at Aquafit PT will create a customized exercise training program that is just right for your skills and abilities. Contact us online today.

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    Aquatic Exercises For Health

    Aquatic exercise consists of a refreshing, full-body workout in the water. Exercising in a pool can bring many benefits and avoid some drawbacks of working out on land. See our physical therapist in Fort Meade MD, to get started with aquatic exercise. At Aquafit Physical Therapy, we can teach you the benefits of exercising in the water and show you the most beneficial movements.

    physical therapist in Fort Meade MD

    Benefits of Aquatic Exercising

    Exercising in the pool can be more effective because water has a heavier resistance than the air. The heavier the resistance, the more muscles you have to use and the more calories you will burn. Aquatic exercise can increase your strength, flexibility, and endurance. Another benefit aquatic exercise brings is buoyancy. The buoyancy from the water provides extra support for your muscles and joints. 

    Aquatic Exercises With Our Physical Therapist in Fort Meade MD

    To get a full-body workout, you can do the following exercises in the water:

    • Walking in Water- Walking in shallow water, around waist height, for intervals of 5-10 minutes.
    • Water Arm Lifts – Keeping your elbows close to your torso, lift your forearms to the height of the water while holding dumbbells. Lower your arms back down and repeat.
    • Lateral Arm Lifts – Hold the dumbbells at your side and raise your arms until they’re level with the water and your shoulders. Lower your arms back down to your side and repeat.
    • Back Wall Glide – Push off from the pool wall with your feet and float with your head back.
    • Leg Kicks – Hold onto the wall and flutter-kick and scissor-kick your legs behind you.

    Safety Tips While Doing Aquatic Exercise

    To remain safe during physical therapy in Fort Meade MD, remember to follow these safety tips:

    • Stay hydrated before, during, and after your workout.
    • Use a flotation device if you are not a strong swimmer.
    • Avoid working out in a pool that is over 90 degrees.

    Contact Our Physical Therapist in Fort Meade MD

    If you are interested in partaking in aquatic exercise, consider physical therapy in Fort Meade MD. Our staff at Aquafit Physical Therapy can help you get a full-body workout while enjoying the refreshing pool. Contact our office to learn how aquatic exercise can help you.

    Are Water Workouts Good For Your Joints?

    Aquafit Manual Therapy in Fort Meade MD facility is equipped with all current physical therapy-related tools. There is a sufficient amount of space for patient care, including four private treatment rooms and additional tables for treatment use. Each room takes up about ⅓ of the whole clinic, with a pool used for patient care. We offer both aquatic and dry physical therapy treatments for our patients. Our team puts our patients first, using innovative techniques to ensure a successful recovery process. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our team today to help ensure faster recovery for your injury.

    Manual Therapy in Fort Meade MD


    Our services at Aquafit Physical Therapy include the following: 

    • Aquatic therapy
    • Dry Needling
    • Sports rehabilitation
    • Manual Therapy
    • Mckenzie spine care
    • Orthotics
    • Fitness Programs

    Aquafit Manual Therapy in Fort Meade MD includes many services that will help with our patient’s needs. Aquatic therapy has become popular and is a very calming and comfortable experience. Our team works hard to use aquatic therapy to help with preparing for dryland experiences. 

    Water Workouts:

    Individuals sometimes find it hard to work out because of conditions they have that restrict them. Many people wonder if water workouts are suitable for your joints, and in fact, they are. When Exercising underwater, you are using more effort than on land. With the extra resistance, it will help challenge your muscles and make your muscles work harder. 

    Exercising underwater is a low-impact exercise, which is much better than running or walking on land. This means it is easier on your joints and muscles. Those who experience conditions that affect their joints may find this to be an excellent option for them. Individuals have also found that working out in the water is very helpful for weight loss. This is because the resistance of the water makes you burn more calories faster than working out on a treadmill.

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    Aquafit Manual Therapy in Fort Meade MD wants to be a part of your physical therapy journey. Contact us for more information about the services we provide and to make an appointment with our team today to help ensure faster recovery for your injury.

    Which Treatment Is Best For Knee Pain?

    Many people deal with knee pain every day. The best type of treatment for you may vary from individual to individual and case by case. While experiencing a knee injury is quite common, our team at Aqua Fit PT urges you to seek attention if the pain becomes unbearable. If you are looking for Manual Therapy in Fort Meade MD, contact the team here at Aqua Fit PT. Continue reading to learn how we can help and what we can offer you for your knee pain today!

    How Severe Is The Knee Pain?

    To decide whether you should schedule a visit to your physician or if it is best for you to stay in, rest, and heal, you should first determine the severity of the knee pain. Below, we list a few symptoms you may want to watch out for after experiencing a knee injury.

    • Significant swelling
    • Tenderness and warmth around the joint
    • Significant pain
    • Fever
    • Popping noise in the knee when active
    • Inability to hold weight or stand on one leg

    Our team at Aqua Fit PT  offers Manual Therapy in Fort Meade MD. We urge you to seek attention if you feel that your knee’s condition is worsening or that it is prohibiting you from engaging in your daily activities. 

    How To Treat Knee Injuries

    Minor knee pain could mean that a visit to the physician is not necessary at the time. However, it is still important to rest your knee and its accompanying activities. It is a good idea to incorporate the RICE method:

    • Rest– make sure to reduce the usage of your knee so that your body has the time it needs to heal
    • Ice– icing the affected area could reduce swelling and pain
    • Compression– of the affected area reduces swelling and inflammation, helping your injury heal faster 
    • Elevate– elevating the injury reduces blood flow to the injured area and reduces swelling

    Contact Our Team At Aqua Fit Manual Therapy in Fort Meade MD

    If you’re struggling with knee pain, you don’t have to fight through the pain alone. At Aqua Fit PT, our team of professionals offers Manual Therapy in Fort Meade MD. Start your journey to recovery today by contacting our website and scheduling your appointment today.

    Pool Exercises For Arms

    Swimming is an activity many of us enjoy in the warm summer months. However, swimming can also be a joyful form of exercise and even physical therapy. Swimming exercises are a great type of low-impact exercise. This can help those who suffer from joint and back pain, osteoporosis, and fibromyalgia. It’s also good for pregnant women. Did you know that Aquatic exercise is a great cardio workout that can help increase your strength, endurance, and flexibility? At Aquafit Physical Therapy, we offer services in aquatic therapy. Contact us today if you’re looking for Manual Therapy in Fort Meade MD! 

    Manual Therapy in Fort Meade MD

    Pool Exercises For Arms

    Aquatic therapy combines the therapeutic properties of water and techniques specialized training to improve function and mobility. When it comes to arm exercises, a few are effective. These are:

    • Arm toning with a ball: Keeping your feet apart and your hands in front of you, holding the ball in front of you and pushing it underwater. The ball will try to float, so this exercise requires force. Make sure to keep your back straight.
    • Arm lifts: Stand in the water, keep your body underwater except for your head, keep your feet apart, and your arms along your body. Then, try to lift your arms. The water will make this movement harder, requiring strength.
    • Arm rotations: In the same position as the arm lifts, lift your arms and rotate them slowly. Rotate your arms in one direction until you count the 20, then switch directions. 
    • Treading water: Treading works out all of your muscles, including your arms. It’s best to focus on keeping your head above the water and try floating for 3 minutes.
    • Weight Lifts: This requires dumbbells. Stand with your feet apart and your arms underwater. You can lift one or both arms. Just make sure your back is straight. You should lift to your chest, but you can lift above your head if you want to challenge yourself.

    These are just a few examples of arm exercises that can be done in a pool. For more information, check here. If you’re having trouble getting started and looking for Manual Therapy in Fort Meade MD, check us for more information.

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    At Aquafit Physical Therapy, we offer aquatic therapy services. If aquatic exercise sounds appealing, but you don’t have a pool or don’t know how to get started on a routine, we can help. Aquafit Physical Therapy is an excellent option if you’re seeking Manual Therapy in Fort Meade MD. Contact us today!

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