How often can I attend the program?

2-3 times per week, by appointment only, for a weekly total time not to exceed 3 hours

Will my health insurance cover the cost of the Fitness Program?

No, Private Health Insurance will not cover the program.

What do I do if I need to change my program?

You may alter your program yourself; increasing the weight and number of repetitions to progress. Therapists will be available to alter programs in the event that a medical or health issue arises.

Will Aquafit Physical Therapy Techs be assisting me with my program or exercises?

You will be encouraged to perform your exercises independently including your set-up on the machines. We also ask that you please return and/or leave equipment in the same condition and place as it was.

What equipment may I use?

You may use any equipment in the clinic. However, Aquafit Physical Therapy patients have first priority.

If I was discharged from physical therapy and join the Fitness Program, will my therapist still perform hands-on treatment?


Can I use the equipment in the pool?

Yes, all of the aquatic equipment is available for your use in the pool. However, Aquafit Physical Therapy patients have first priority.

Are the changing rooms/ showers available for Fitness Members?

Yes. You may shower and change in the rooms provided. However, Aquafit Physical Therapy patients have first priority. Therefore, you may have to wait to allow patients to change.

Fitness Program Pricing


Pre-Fitness Assessment -$60.00

Mandatory for all members who have not been a patient of Aquafit Physical Therapy within the last 6 months


Discounted Rates for Extended Sign-Up

Weekly – $20

1-Month Membership -$75

3-Month Membership -$210

Family Discount -$65.00 per month for each additional person