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Being in the water while exercising has been known to have many benefits. This type of physical therapy can make people feel weightless but also give them necessary resistance to get stronger. When searching for physical therapy in Crofton MD, aquatic pool exercises at AquaFit PT can be just what you need.

What are Aquatic Pool Exercises?

When you exercise in a pool, you allow the buoyancy of the water to bear some of your weight which can make you feel lighter and more comfortable in the water. The pressure is taken off your bones, muscles, and joints. This type of physical therapy in Crofton MD is available for all ages and for people of any size.

In particular, the groups of people that tend to gravitate towards aquatic pool exercises are retirees or older adults. For these groups, aquatic pool exercises allow them a safe and secure environment to exercise and release positive endorphins. Water eliminates the fear of falling for older adults, ensuring their comfort and willingness to participate. Aquatic physical therapy in Crofton MD, at AquaFit PT, is always led by a trained instructor or physical therapist. Hence, participants know if they began to struggle, their instructor would be there to help them.


  • Walking in Water or Jogging: Walking or jogging in place while in chest-high or waist-high water.
  • Lunges: Lunge forward or to the side, taking a lunging step while making sure that the lunging knee does not pass the toes. 
  • Balancing: Attempting to balance on one leg, may hold on to the wall if a participant requires additional support.
  • Arm Raises: Bend elbow to 90 degrees, then raise and lower arms.
  • Knee Lifts: While standing against the pool wall, lift one knee up at a time as if you are marching in place.

Benefits of Physical Therapy in Crofton MD

Aquatic pool exercises can also have several benefits to your health. The first is that it’s a way for older adults to stay active and have an outlet to exert some energy. This physical activity gives them opportunities to keep their bodies moving while also providing them with the endorphins released from exercise.

Other benefits include improved heart health, reduced stress, stronger muscles, and increased flexibility. With the water resistance, naturally, the joints adjust to the movement of the water around them and increase their range of motion, leading to increased flexibility. Along with the physical benefits, water-based exercise is also shown to improve mental health. Exercising in the water can reduce depression, anxiety, and stress while improving mood, memory, and cognitive function. Physical therapy in Crofton MD doesn’t just keep your body in shape; it keeps your mind sharp too.

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Aquatic pool exercises are low-impact exercises that allow most people to stay fit and active. If you’re looking to build muscle strength, increase flexibility, and relieve stress on your joints, this is the ideal exercise for you! When looking for aquatic physical therapy in Crofton MD, AquaFit PT will be the perfect fit. Contact us easily online to schedule your appointment today.