Have you ever heard of Aquatic HIIT? HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. You can use high-intensity interval training for any cardio workout, as its purpose is to accelerate your workout. This way of exercising will have you speed up to a fast pace workout and will slow you down to cool you off, and then it goes back to another round of high intensity. It gives you a better chance of results than keeping a steady pace and will help you to lose weight, boost your metabolism, and build muscle. If you are searching for manual therapy in Crofton, MD, contact Aquafit PT today!

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What is Aquatic HIIT?

If you have an injury, chronic pain, or obesity, aquatic HIIT may be for you. If you cannot do above-ground HIIT, the underwater treadmill allows the water to support your joints and muscles. Studies found that deep-water running HIIT twice a week for eight weeks increased a woman’s oxygen consumption rates, and lowered her resting heart rate, and her sub-maximum heart rate. Another study found young women and men in good shape running underwater twice a week for eight weeks increased the aerobic power and flexibility in the individuals. Utilizing high-intensity interval training improves balance, function, and mobility without getting wear and tear on your joints and feet. If you are searching for manual therapy in Crofton, MD, contact Aquafit PT today and get started!

What Are The Benefits?

Exercising in water can benefit anyone. Besides aiding pain, and stiffness, and improving motion, other benefits include:

  • The water works to cushion stiff and aching joints or bones that may have been injured from a land exercise.
  • Water puts less stress on your back and joints. 
  • Water exercises are better for pregnant women as it puts less stress on their bodies.
  • Water gives 12 times greater resistance than air, so you’re challenging your muscles every second you’re moving in the water.
  • Water cools your body down and prevents overheating while exercising.

Treatment at AquaFit Manual Therapy in Crofton MD

At Aquafit PT, we offer aquatic therapy in our large 92-94 degree pools. Aquatic treatment is perfect for anyone who is not ready for on-land exercises. With the expertise of our professional therapists and the therapeutic properties of the water, we are sure you will leave with improved function and mobility. If you’re suffering from obesity, chronic pain, or recovering from an injury, Aquatic HIIT can get you to where you want to be fast. If you are searching for manual therapy in Crofton, MD, contact Aquafit PT today!