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If you or someone you know has suffered or currently suffers from knee pain, the remedy of Orthotics should be strongly considered. It is one of the main services we provide at our physical therapy practice in Annapolis, MD. We believe that it is one of the most effective ways to aid with pain in the lower body. Contact AquaFit physical therapy annapolis md, today to see how we can assist you!

What are Orthotics?

Orthotics are external devices that help aid the healing process of foot injuries. They are most often used in correcting misalignments within the bone structure of the foot. When a person develops pain in the foot, it is almost always a result of alterations in their walking pattern, which in turn can cause significant issues in the foot. The orthotic helps return the foot to the neutral position and get it on the track to recovery more swiftly and efficiently. It can conform to all shapes and sizes of feet and is quite stiff to maintain the correct arch in the foot.

Will Orthotics Help with Knee Pain?

While they can help support the knee in recovery, Orthotics are best used as a preventative measure before the injury occurs. As described, the device restricts the foot to a specific position, which, in turn, keeps the knee in a more stable state. This stability makes injuries to the knee specifically more uncommon. Additionally, many Orthotic insoles tilt the leg slightly to reduce the overall load of weight on the knee. This solution can ease pain massively. In regards to Arthritis, how insoles can help are much more limited. However, in a more natural position, walking barefoot may be the best solution to solve the knee arthritis we have at the moment. 

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