1. Shower facilities are available for your use.
  2. Water temperature is between 92-94 degrees, air temperature is between 80-90 degrees and humidity is at 50%
  3. You will need to bring a towel, water shoes and a bathing suit or appropriate swim gear (cut off shorts must be hemmed). Bathing caps, ear plugs and nose plugs are allowed if preferred
  4. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR POOL SHOES AT ALL TIMES WHILE IN THE POOL AREA. Please do not put pool shoes on until entering the pool area, so as to avoid tracking in dirt and residue from the outside.
  5. You can expect your aquatic therapy session to last, at least 30-45 minutes, in addition to the time it takes to shower and change into and out of your swim clothes
  6. It is important that you notify the attendant of your swimming ability before beginning your first session
  7. The following are contra-indications to pool therapy. Please notify your instructor if you have any of the following:
    1. Fever over 100 degrees
    2. Contagious skin or eye infections or rashes
    3. Infectious disease
    4. Urinary tract infections
    5. Open wounds
    6. Incontinence of feces or urine
    7. Severe cardiovascular disease
    8. Uncontrolled epilepsy
    9. Any medical conditions which require special consideration (i.e. Colostomy, Catheter)
  9. No running, diving, jumping, eating or smoking allowed in the pool room
  10. Please do not ask the instructor be responsible for any personal items in the pool room
  11. If you are currently using any medications that are to be taken at the onset of symptoms (Asthma, Angina) please bring them and notify the instructor if you need their assistance
  12. It is your duty to report any changes in your physical condition
  13. The instructor has the right to expel anyone who does not adhere to the above rules and regulations

Download the Pool Rules

Please follow the link below to download the Aquafit Pool Rules. Complete the form and bring it with you to your first visit with us.

Our Pool Rules document is a PDF form. To download and/or print the form, you’ll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program.