What is Aquatic Therapy?

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Whether you suffer from chronic pain or sustained an injury that causes you pain and limited mobility, physical therapy can be beneficial for relieving your symptoms! Besides typical manual therapy, another excellent option for patients is Aquatic Therapy! If you are interested in Physical Therapist in Fort Meade MD mapes road united states that offers Aquatic Therapy, contact AquaFit today!

What Is Aquatic Therapy?

Aquatic Therapy is a form of Physical Therapy that is done in the water with little to no equipment necessary. During a session, a therapist will assist patients with water-based exercises to help patients feel better comfortably. This form of PT offers unique benefits that help patients live better every day. Here is a list of some of the fantastic benefits of Aquatic Therapy:

  • Avoids joint strain by relieving pressure 
  • Warm water soothes muscles
  • The water provides extra support
  • Water pressure promotes circulation and decreases swelling

Water therapy can provide patients with relaxation, fitness, and rehabilitation all in one place! A Physical Therapist in Fort Meade MD, our therapists care about you and your needs. We aim to provide each patient with effective treatment in a comfortable environment that is tailored to them. If traditional therapy is limiting your progress, discover all the benefits that Aquatic Therapy can offer you!

Who Can Benefit From It?

Because water is naturally buoyancy, exercises can be performed less stress on your joints, bones, and muscles. This makes Aquatic Therapy an excellent option for people who require low-impact exercises. People of all ages can benefit from Aquatic Therapy. Additionally, people who have underlying medical conditions can also benefit from this therapy. If you are living with any of the following conditions, Aquatic Therapy may be right for you:

  • Arthritis
  • Balance Disorders
  • Heart Disease
  • Neurological Conditions
  • Post-Operative Rehabilitation
  • Sports-Related Injuries

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If you’re looking for a new and fun way to reduce pain, increase mobility, and strengthen your body, Aquatic Therapy is perfect for you! At AquaFit, our staff is thoroughly trained and experienced in Aquatic treatment methods and works with patients to provide individualized programs. To get started, contact our Physical Therapist in Fort Meade MD, today to schedule your first appointment!

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    What Is Aqua Therapy Used For?

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    Aquatic therapy, also known as pool therapy, is an exercise program performed in water to help treat certain medical conditions and aid the recovery of injuries. If you’re looking for physical therapy in Millersville, MD, look no further than Aquafit PT

    What is Aquatic Therapy?

    Aquatic Therapy sessions use the physical properties of water to aid in the patient’s healing process. Aquatic therapy can be done standing up or sitting on a chair in the water and may involve the entire body or specific parts. 

    Water provides buoyancy which helps support the weight of a patient. The patient can then complete an exercise routine guided by a physical therapist that they might not be able to perform otherwise. Our Physical Therapist in Fort Meade MD, at Aquafit PT, offers this excellent service. The water also provides a manageable source of resistance. Being able to push, pull, and move around in the water allows for building muscle strength in a patient without weights. Resistance partnered with the water’s buoyancy works ideally to strengthen one’s muscles while allowing minimal stress on the joints. 

    Benefits of Physical Therapist in Fort Meade MD

    Participation in aquatic therapy can result in the following benefits:

    • Increased joint flexibility
    • Decrease in pain
    • Improved balance
    • Increase in muscle strength


    It is important to note that aquatic therapy is not the proper physical therapy, for everyone. People who have the cardiac disease should not participate in aquatic therapy. 

    The water in the pool is typically kept heated between 92 and 94 degrees Fahrenheit, so participation from people with temperature sensitivities or anyone sick or with a fever is not advised. Also, people with infections or bowel/bladder incontinence are not suitable for aquatic therapy. If you do not know how to swim, you should not participate in aquatic therapy. However, if you have some limited experience swimming, speak with your physical therapist about your lack of swimming skills beforehand to ensure they can provide you with proper assistance when in the water.

    Physical Therapist in Fort Meade MD

    It can be difficult to find programs for Physical Therapist in Fort Meade MD mapes road united states that are the right fit for you. Our team at Aquafit PT will create a customized exercise training program that is just right for your skills and abilities. Contact us online today.

    Aquatic Pool Exercises?

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    Being in the water while exercising has been known to have many benefits. This type of physical therapy can make people feel weightless but also give them necessary resistance to get stronger. When searching for Physical Therapist in Fort Meade MD, aquatic pool exercises at AquaFit PT can be just what you need.

    What are Aquatic Pool Exercises?

    When you exercise in a pool, you allow the buoyancy of the water to bear some of your weight which can make you feel lighter and more comfortable in the water. The pressure is taken off your bones, muscles, and joints. This type of Physical Therapist in Fort Meade MD is available for all ages and for people of any size.

    In particular, the groups of people that tend to gravitate towards aquatic pool exercises are retirees or older adults. For these groups, aquatic pool exercises allow them a safe and secure environment to exercise and release positive endorphins. Water eliminates the fear of falling for older adults, ensuring their comfort and willingness to participate. Aquatic Physical Therapist in Fort Meade MD, at AquaFit PT, is always led by a trained instructor or physical therapist. Hence, participants know if they began to struggle, their instructor would be there to help them.


    • Walking in Water or Jogging: Walking or jogging in place while in chest-high or waist-high water.
    • Lunges: Lunge forward or to the side, taking a lunging step while making sure that the lunging knee does not pass the toes. 
    • Balancing: Attempting to balance on one leg, may hold on to the wall if a participant requires additional support.
    • Arm Raises: Bend elbow to 90 degrees, then raise and lower arms.
    • Knee Lifts: While standing against the pool wall, lift one knee up at a time as if you are marching in place.

    Benefits of Our Physical Therapist in Fort Meade MD

    Aquatic pool exercises can also have several benefits to your health. The first is that it’s a way for older adults to stay active and have an outlet to exert some energy. This physical activity gives them opportunities to keep their bodies moving while also providing them with the endorphins released from exercise.

    Other benefits include improved heart health, reduced stress, stronger muscles, and increased flexibility. With the water resistance, naturally, the joints adjust to the movement of the water around them and increase their range of motion, leading to increased flexibility. Along with the physical benefits, water-based exercise is also shown to improve mental health. Exercising in the water can reduce depression, anxiety, and stress while improving mood, memory, and cognitive function. A Physical Therapist in Fort Meade MD mapes road united states doesn’t just keep your body in shape; it keeps your mind sharp too.

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    Aquatic pool exercises are low-impact exercises that allow most people to stay fit and active. If you’re looking to build muscle strength, increase flexibility, and relieve stress on your joints, this is the ideal exercise for you! When looking for aquatic Physical Therapist in Fort Meade MD, AquaFit PT will be the perfect fit. Contact us easily online to schedule your appointment today.

    Is Walking in The Pool Good For Lower Back Pain?

    Physical Therapist in Fort Meade MD

    Aquatic therapy consists of doing exercises in water, which takes the pressure off your bones, joints, and muscles. Aquatic therapy helps people with physical conditions, like lower back pain, decrease pain, strengthen muscles, and improve range of motion. At AquaFit Physical Therapy, we offer aquatic therapy to our patients as a type of Physical Therapist in Fort Meade MD. Our staff will work with you to provide an individualized treatment routine.Contact our office to make an appointment for aquatic therapy today!

    Walking in the Pool At Physical Therapy

    A simple exercise done during physical therapy is water walking. Water walking consists of walking across the pool while swinging your arms like you do when walking on land in water that’s about waist-high. It is recommended to avoid stepping on your tiptoes and to keep your back straight. Tightening your abdominal muscles can help to avoid leaning too far forward or to the side. If you want to take it up a notch and increase resistance, wear hand floats or light weights as your hands and arms move through the water. Water shoes can also be worn to help maintain traction on the bottom of the pool.

    Benefits of Water Walking 

    Walking in the pool is a good remedy for lower back pain. It can help to reduce pain because the following benefits occur:

    • Strengthened muscles in the feet, legs, hips, and torso
    • Nourished spinal structures
    • Improved flexibility and posture
    • Increased bone density
    • Controlled weight

    Other Pool Exercises 

    Some other aquatic exercises that can be done during Physical Therapist in Fort Meade MD to decrease lower back pain include:

    • Knee-to-chest exercise- Raise one bent knee towards your chest with your supporting leg slightly bent.
    • Leg raise exercise- Outstretch one leg and slightly bend the supporting leg.
    • Wall-facing leg stretch exercise- Hold onto the side of the pool while outstretching your legs and body.
    • Quadruped activity and exercise- Float on your back while making paddling motions.

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    If you are suffering from lower back pain, a Physical Therapist in Fort Meade MD might be able to help. At AquaFit Physical Therapy, we can relieve your pain using aquatic exercises. Contact our office to make an appointment for aquatic therapy today!

    Are Water Workouts Good For Your Joints?

    Aquafit A Physical Therapist in Fort Meade MD facility is equipped with all current physical therapy-related tools. There is a sufficient amount of space for patient care, including four private treatment rooms and additional tables for treatment use. Each room takes up about ⅓ of the whole clinic, with a pool used for patient care. We offer both aquatic and dry physical therapy treatments for our patients. Our team puts our patients first, using innovative techniques to ensure a successful recovery process. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our team today to help ensure faster recovery for your injury.


    Our services at Aquafit Physical Therapy include the following: 

    • Aquatic therapy
    • Dry Needling
    • Sports rehabilitation
    • Manual Therapy
    • Mckenzie spine care
    • Orthotics
    • Fitness Programs

    Aquafit a Physical Therapist in Fort Meade MD includes many services that will help with our patient’s needs. Aquatic therapy has become popular and is a very calming and comfortable experience. Our team works hard to use aquatic therapy to help with preparing for dryland experiences. 

    Water Workouts:

    Individuals sometimes find it hard to work out because of conditions they have that restrict them. Many people wonder if water workouts are suitable for your joints, and in fact, they are. When Exercising underwater, you are using more effort than on land. With the extra resistance, it will help challenge your muscles and make your muscles work harder. 

    Exercising underwater is a low-impact exercise, which is much better than running or walking on land. This means it is easier on your joints and muscles. Those who experience conditions that affect their joints may find this to be an excellent option for them. Individuals have also found that working out in the water is very helpful for weight loss. This is because the resistance of the water makes you burn more calories faster than working out on a treadmill.

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