Aquatic physical therapy can be an excellent choice for those seeking a relaxing and soothing alternative to traditional care. Still, you need to know its benefits to decide if it’s your best option. This treatment might seem unconventional, but practicing exercises in a pool has proven to be a delightful experience for many patients due to the ease of moving through water. You may be wondering how this works? Let’s review some of the information you need to know about Aqua Fit PT’s aquatic physical therapy in severn md. 

What is Aquatic Physical Therapy?

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Aquatic physical therapy is a treatment program where patients perform exercises in water, rather than on land, to focus on the joints and muscles. These kinds of activities vary based on the patient’s ability and need, often ranging from:

  • Walking through water
  • Running through water
  • Swimming

While these activities are easy for some, those suffering from injuries involving joint or muscle pain may struggle with traditional therapy in ways that water’s buoyancy can help relieve. 

Benefits of Aquatic Physical Therapy

When deciding upon treatment plans with our physical therapy in severn md, it may be helpful to know about all of the unique benefits of performing therapy treatments in a pool. By exercising in a pool, the water’s properties can create an ideal environment for healing by:

  • Having less weight on your muscles improves your range of motion.
  • More motion resistance than air supports muscle strength, improved functionality, and circulation.
  • Allowing exercise in a warm 92-94 degrees Fahrenheit atmosphere has proven to be calming for patients.

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Walking in a pool is as good as walking on land for injury treatment. The answer is yes, and it may even be the best option for those who are experiencing:

  • Pregnancy
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Arthritis 
  • Fibromyalgia

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