Our heart beats all day, every day, and if it stops, it may result in death. A normal heart rate is 60-80 beats per minute. To make your heart stronger, you must do aerobic exercise. Aquatic exercise has proven to be the most effective form of exercise for the heart. If you want to begin strengthening your heart we have physical therapy in Millersville MD, specializing in aquatic training. Schedule with us today!

What is Aerobic Exercise?

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Aerobic exercise is any cardiovascular conditioning or also known as cardio. This consists of walking, swimming, running, or cycling. During aerobic exercise, your heart and breathing will increase. Aerobic exercise keeps your heart, lungs, and circulatory system healthy.

What About My Heart Rate?

We learn that it’s important to have your heart beating faster than the resting rate to train your body to move oxygen and blood to your muscles more efficiently. This helps you burn calories and stay in shape as well as lower your cholesterol and chances of being at risk of cancer. Although studies have shown that a lower heart rate is healthier. Aquatic exercising lowers your heart rate while you work out. We offer physical therapy in Millersville, MD that specializes in aquatic training. 

Benefits of Aquatic Training At Physical Therapy In Millersville MD

Some people, just stepping into the pool, lowers their blood pressure. This happens because entering the pool and immersing your body relaxes the blood vessels, allowing them to carry more blood throughout the body. Another additional benefit is that the low blood pressure lingers for a while after you’re out of the pool, so if you exercise regularly in a pool, your vessels will just become more supple over time. People who have high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, or triglycerides have stiffer blood vessels and should seek aquatic training. 

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We offer aquatic services at AquaFit Physical Therapy in Millersville, MD. These services can help improve joint flexibility and improve muscle strength. The aquatic environment can help prepare patients for exercises they may not be ready to do on dry land.