Are you experiencing soreness or weakness in your back? Is it limiting your daily activity and keeping you from living a happy, pain-free life? Water therapy can help! Exercising in the pool, also known as water therapy, is proven to reduce your pain and soreness while limiting the risk of injury. Many exercises can be done in the pool to make you feel healthy and in peak condition. Back exercises in the pool are proven to reduce pain, increase mobility, and strengthen muscles through simple exercises. Here at Aquafit Physical Therapy, we offer water therapy and the highest quality physical therapy Annapolis MD has!

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5 Simple Back Exercises in the Pool

Our Team at Aquafit Physical Therapy will provide you with the treatment you’re seeking. With the best physical therapy Annapolis MD, we promise you’ll leave our facilities feeling strong and healthy! Nevertheless, we would like to provide you with some simple pool exercises that are proven to strengthen the lower back:

  • Leg Raises – Leg raises are a simple, yet effective exercise that can also be done at the gym. However, water support reduces the risk of injury without sacrificing the strength and stretch you normally get in the gym.
  • Pool Walking – Pool walking is a safe and simple way to reduce your pain. A simple, easy-to-do stretch that will have you feeling both strong, and pain-free!
  • Flutter Kick – The flutter kick allows you to strengthen your muscles while also performing an aerobic stretch. A moving stretch is one of the best ways to loosen muscles and start a workout.
  • Wall-facing Leg Stretch – By grabbing the wall with your hands and extending your feet as far out as possible, you’re able to get the perfect back stretch. This position allows your body to be supported by the water and gives a stretch that is not possible out of water.
  • Regular Swimming Exercises – Swimming is one of the best exercises out there, and if you’re up for the challenge you can push yourself. However, it’s important to note that everyone should go at their own pace, and never push too far to avoid the risk of injury.

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Water therapy is proven effective in reducing pain, strengthening muscles, and recovering from injury. Yet having access to simple and effective water therapy may be more challenging. That’s why at Aquafit PT, our facilities provide you with the water therapy treatment you’re seeking! Our team of professionals will guide you through every water exercise you need to achieve your optimal condition while avoiding injury! Visit our website today to learn more about the best Physical Therapy Annapolis MD offers.