Injuring your knee can be terrible. It can mean being out of work, unable to exercise, or even a general loss of quality of life. However, modern medical techniques have allowed purely aquatic therapy to treat an injured knee. Check out Aqua Fit physical therapy in Annapolis, MD!

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What Is Aquatic Therapy?

Aquatic Therapy generally refers to any therapy done in water for relaxation, rehabilitation, and therapy. Usually, the different forces acting upon the leg (the knee in this instance) are beneficial for healing an injury. The water feels anti-gravity (different densities), allowing some patients to perform exercises they could not typically perform while not suspended in water. Aquatic therapy might seem odd, but performing these exercises in the water can be extremely beneficial. 

Benefits Of Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy can be especially beneficial for many patients after surgery or an illness. Specifically, aquatic therapy in Annapolis MD can be used to treat things like imbalance, pain, and muscle strength. These exercises are good for legitimate leg-related issues, but they can also be helpful for stroke patients and anything related to neuro-muscular issues. 

Aquatic therapy is also relatively inexpensive. Truthfully, the exercises rely on the floating effect of water applied to the human body, not fancy technology.

For The Knee

Specifically, these exercises can be helpful for the knee while undergoing physical therapy in Annapolis MD. Because the knee itself increases the leg’s range of motion (think leg extension all the way), simply extending and closing the leg can be beneficial to regain some function in a kneecap.

Likewise, changing the intensity or weight applied to the leg might alter the exercise, but it will benefit the knee if done correctly. Things like running or swimming with some intensity are a great addition. These methods can return muscle coordination and improve circulation for those with heart disease, neurological problems, diabetes, arthritis, and other diseases. 

Visit Aquafit Physical Therapy In Annapolis MD

While aquatic therapy might seem like an odd option for some people, it can significantly improve the quality of life. The process can be done correctly while under the supervision of physical therapy in Annapolis MD, like Aquatic Fit PT. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!